Summer Makes An Encore Appearance...Right At The Start Of The Potential Snow Season!

Climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld and Jim du Bois celebrate the return of summer and the first 80 degree temperature reading in the Twin Cities since August 20th, recap last week’s heavy rains and severe weather that included a trio of unusual tornadoes in Sioux Falls, consider the Farmer’s Almanac’s prediction of a brutal winter, and look ahead to a warm, humid and potentially stormy week.

James du Bois
A Great Week To Be A Sump Pump, A Storm Sewer, Or Maybe a Waterfall

Climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld and Jim du Bois look at an unsettled and very wet week ahead with the potential for severe weather later today and tonight and again on Wednesday. Also, a recap of the severe weather outbreak on Labor Day, the destruction left by Hurricane Dorian, and the controversy over President Trump’s alteration of a map of Dorian’s track.

James du Bois
Storms...A Hurricane...And A Touch of Philosophy

Climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld and Jim du Bois discuss the prospects of severe weather this evening and into early tomorrow morning across much of Minnesota, including the Twin Cities. Also, a look at the devastation being caused by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas and how National Weather Service offices across the country, including the Twin Cities, are gathering upper air data that will benefit tropical storm forecasters. And finally, a look at how philosophy and weather forecasting sometimes intersect.

James du Bois
Summer Enters the Home Stretch...How Will It Finish?

Climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld and Jim du Bois discuss the upcoming taste of fall following a chance of thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow, the severe weather and heavy rains this past weekend, why late August mornings sometimes feel fall-like, the hurricane season outlook, and the prospects for a warm and wet September.

James du Bois
Beef...Maybe It Shouldn't Be What's For Dinner

Beef...maybe it SHOULDN'T be what's for dinner!

Kenny and Jim discuss the weekend's heavy rains and tornadoes, weather planning for outdoor events, the 50th anniversary of the Northwoods Tornado Outbreak, warmer, muggier and potentially stormy weather ahead, and a recently released United Nations climate report that calls for radical changes in what we eat and how our food is produced.

James du Bois
Is This The Summer Of Hail?

Is this the summer of hail?

Climatologist Kenny  Blumenfeld and Jim du Bois discuss the hail-acious storms that hit parts of the metro area on Monday, heavy rains over the weekend, a more active weather pattern coming in the days ahead with another potential severe weather outbreak on Wednesday, and look back at a warm, rainy and stormy July.

James du Bois
Giant Hail and Low-Topped Supercells!

Climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld and Jim du Bois discuss last weekend's severe weather outbreaks that were accompanied by impressive lighting displays and mammatus clouds, the characteristics of supercell thunderstorms, weather that's spiking the Glory Index meter this week, and a near perfect summer weekend ahead with a very slight chance of thunderstorms.

James du Bois
Now That Was Some Heat...And What The Heck Is A Derecho?

Now, that was some heat...and what the heck is a derecho?

Climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld and Jim du Bois discuss last week's withering heat indexes and barrage of storms, the devastating derecho that impacted parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin, a record-setting severe weather parameter, the 32nd anniversary of the Storm of the Century, and warmer and unsettled weather towards the end of this week.

You can catch Kenny presenting “But it was cold last week!” And other sins against climatology at the Bryant- Lake Bowl in Minneapolis this Saturday (July 27) at 7 pm. More information is available here.

James du Bois
Meteorological Acronym Bingo!

Climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld and Jim du Bois play acronym bingo with meteorological terms! Also, a review of June’s weather and the wet and stormy first week of July, the 20th anniversary of the "Boundary Waters Blowdown", and the potential for severe weather this week.

James du Bois
It's A Heat Wave...Or Is It?

Kenny and Jim discuss the hot weekend weather, torrential rains in southeastern Minnesota, record-shattering heat in Europe, the most glorious June on record (according to the Glory Index), potential severe weather on Saturday and Sunday, and a wet, unsettled week ahead.

James du Bois
The Solstice Approaches...But Where Is Summer?

Kenny and Jim discuss the the un-summerish start to meteorological summer, a frosty June in parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin, the potential for rain this weekend, cool and unsettled weather for the coming week, major upgrades to a widely used computer forecast model, and the 38th anniversary of the Edina- Minneapolis-Roseville tornado.

James du Bois
First Week of June Brings Severe Weather, 90 Degree Temperatures, and Gnats!

Climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld and Jim du Bois celebrate the arrival of meteorological summer (and explain why it’s not in sync with astronomical summer), look back on the season’s first major severe weather outbreak, discuss southern Minnesota’s farmers’ ongoing struggle with flooded fields, explain how vegetation can boost humidity (evapotranspiration), marvel over the rare sightings of noctilucent clouds, and chat about this week’s weather outlook.

James du Bois
Heavy Rains and Potential Flooding Threaten Parts of Minnesota This Weekend

Kenny and Jim discuss the prospects for severe weather in Minnesota this weekend including large hail and heavy rains. Also, a look at NOAA's long-range summer forecast of cooler and wetter than normal conditions in Minnesota, how wet soil conditions are causing issues for farmers, and why more rain this coming week in areas already saturated by precipitation may lead to flooding.

James du Bois
Remembering 'The Longest Night': The May 6, 1965 Twin Cities Tornado Outbreak

At least six tornadoes tore through the southwestern, western and northern suburbs of the Twin Cities on May 6, 1965, killing 13 and injuring hundreds. Climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld and Jim du Bois discuss this historic event, how excellent warnings kept the death toll down and the prospects for a similar tornado outbreak in the future. You can hear WCCO radio’s dramatic coverage from that evening on the RadioTapes website. The National Weather Service’s Twin Cities forecast office compiled extensive documentation of the outbreak in 2015 including animated radar film and a timeline of events transcribed from the WCCO tapes. Watch a 50th anniversary video interview with Kenny and Rob Brown, one of the WCCO staff members on duty the night of May 6, 1965.

Remembering the 1967 'Black Sunday' Tornado Outbreak

On April 30, 1967, a major tornado outbreak killed 13 Minnesotans. This week, climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld and Jim du Bois discuss the ‘Black Sunday” tornadoes that devastated parts of Albert Lea and Waseca. Also, a look at why forecasts of last week’s southern Minnesota snowstorm did not pan out, an update on flooding, how earlier ice-in and ice-out dates may impact lake ecology, another devastating cyclone in Mozambique, and more cool and unsettled weather on the way.

James du Bois
Is This Really the End of Winter?

Heavy rains in Minnesota this week might worsen the flood situation. Climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld and Jim du Bois discuss last week’s snowstorm, the prospects for midweek rains, deadly tornadoes in the Deep South, the kind of/sort of Severe Weather Awareness Week and the power of the mid-April Sun.

James du Bois
A ‘Domebuster’ Snowstorm May Be On the Way

A snowstorm is on the way that forecast models indicate could deliver 10-20 inches of snow to some parts of Minnesota. Climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld and Jim du Bois discuss this potentially historic storm. And oh, by the way, it’s also Severe Weather Awareness Week in Minnesota.

James du Bois
Minnesota Enters Severe Weather Season

The dry weather pattern is continuing, and that’s good news for the parts of the state that are experiencing flooding. This week, climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld and Jim du Bois discuss the floods, the 21st anniversary of the Comfrey/St. Peter tornado, the amazing special effects that created the tornado in the 1939 Wizard of Oz movie, and the reasons why spring is prime severe weather time.

James du Bois